Welcome......and Congratulations!

Welcome to the First Gear Portal, were delighted you have decided to join and work with us to expand your network and promote your Driving School to attract new and existing learner drivers in our community who are seeking your excellent, high quality driver training to help them on the road to become safe, successful drivers. 

The portal we are inviting you to use is that an online platform designed to attract and connect student drivers seeking a high-quality all-round service from start to finish, with the best independent instructors and schools….and for you to enjoy a wide range of benefits to allow you the freedom to focus on teaching. Let us take care of all your administration, bookings, correspondence, payments, advertising…and much more! 

How it Works....

Students will find us via the First Gear dedicated marketing and advertising we do on a regular basis, through Google, our own Facebook and Instagram pages, Community pages and forums…plus the usual word of mouth channels and referrals. The campaigns will have links to the website and booking portal, where they will be able to search for Instructors, select, book and pay in one transaction.

An email confirmation is sent to the selected Instructor, and our system can also be also synced to your google calendar if applicable

Students can, and do, also contact our office direct via phone, SMS, messenger and email for enquiries and bookings, in this instance our dedicated Operations Manager will assist the student to book in with the most suitable instructor based on area, availability, car type etc, essentially looking to fill in gaps that are made available by instructors…. with the same admin processes and confirmations being taken care of

New and existing learners will benefit from a simple, user friendly and convenient system where they can simply manage all their training requirements for lessons and tests at very affordable rates with full admin and technical support.

How do you join...?

Instructors simply sign up to the portal by registering details, which is FREE of course and will include working area, car type, availability etc. Plus, a photo and logo / description of themselves and YOUR driving school. You will continue to work under your own school's name, in your own signed vehicles

You then manage your availability via the portal which is very simple to use, by choosing as much or as little availability as you want, also free to come and go as you please based on work flow / leads, there is no minimum requirement for availability, you can offer 1 slot per week or 50 slots per week and we will endeavour to fill them up.

You will have the freedom to manage your calendar and students as you wish, and also take advantage of our Operations Manager to coordinate it for you and with you if you prefer. In addition, full guidance and training will be provided free of charge, however the portal is very simple to use

How much will you earn...?

Based on the current standard pricing structure for lesson and package options – Instructors will receive the following renumeration, per lesson:

  • Lesson prices, less GST and commission of 9%
  • Instructors also have the option of setting own prices
  • Instructors that have their own existing students, have the ability to offer this one stop shop service by adding them to the portal, for this First Gear will pay a cash back of $10 per student, that student can then manage their own account and book in at leisure and Instructors can then relax and let us deal with all the correspondence and communications
  • If and Instructor brings on board a student of their own, as per above, then that student becomes “theirs”, that student will not be allowed to book with another instructor on the portal without prior agreement, nor will they be reallocated to any other instructor without agreement
  • If you are registered to deliver the Keys 2 Drive lesson, we will also promote and advertise this via the portal and set up to allow students to book directly to you, First Gear does not take any commission on K2D lessons

Key Benefits Summary....

We look forward to welcoming you on board ….to get the ball rolling simply send an email requesting a portal login to, gemma@firstgeardriving.com.au